Adam had us drawing comics inspired by random words this week. I was shocked to get “Darth Vader” and “flying Ninjas” together with the more tractable “an unexpected visitor.” Not being into martial arts films, ninjas have somewhat passed me by, so I substitued vaguely Middle-Eastern warriors. Having seen Star Wars just the once (when it came out) I didn’t remember much about Darth — maybe he isn’t as cuddly as I remember. I left off the panel with the group hug, just in case.

↓ Transcript
1. - "Die, you thieving son of a camel train operator"
- "I'll get you for this -- I swear!"
2. Meanwhile, on the Death Star...
- bang! phut! phut! shudder! bang! HALT
- pof!
- "Damn you, Luke"
- "This is /so/ embarrassing"
- "Hey Hussein! It's Darth Vader!"
- "I thought he'd be bigger than that, Mo"
- "I think I'm sitting on my light sabre"