This weekend we’re planning a heist of the Ashmolean museum in Oxford. They’ve got nice stuff, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to get away with some great artwork.

UPDATE: the heist was a fantastic experience — reccying the Ashmolean Museum with the security chief and operatives themselves (ex casino and police types) pointing out the various countermeasures and answering (most) of our questions about what you’d have to do to steal their artwork! Heist comics of may well appear on adam’s site eventually… (I for one haven’t finished mine, and it’s rapidly getting more complicated… aiiieee)

↓ Transcript
-- morning!
-- Morning Sir! What can I get for you?
-- long-handled axe, please?
-- certainly, sir. Anything else?
-- a chainsaw and a flame-thrower. Please.
-- I'll get you some fuel for these, too
-- a set of large kitchen knives
-- a high-voltage power supply; four metres of piano wire and ten of stout cord; a nail gun; a box of firelighters; a dozen bottles of gin; an electric winch; a bottle of compressed air; and...
-- ...two litres of concentrated sulphuric acid. Please.
-- There you are sir, all wrapped.
-- Oh, I almost forgot! ...A packet of aspirin -- 64 please
-- sorry sir -- I can only sell you 32 of those. They're dangerous.