You must ask nanny, or the butler, to help you with step 2.

We were discussing how cats always fall on their feet, moved on to the well known anti-gravity device involving one cat and one jammy (or buttered) slice of bread, and somehow ended up here with very jammy fingers.

Mercy edit: This comic likely makes little sense to those unacquainted with the concept of the conservation of angular momentum. In fact, this comic likely makes little sense.

↓ Transcript
1. You will need 1 slice of bread, jam and a knife.
2. Cut the bread to make a triangle with two 45-degree angles.
3. Spread jam liberally on one side only.
4. Hold jam-side-up, about 1m [39 in.] above the floor...
5. ...and release.
6. Observe. We have demonstrated Momentum of Angular Conserve.