No comic today, but I wanted to share two doodles from my sketchbook.  The second one I made at the hospital, waiting for a gastroscopy*, and perhaps then the theme is obvious.  In hindsight I now understand the first one too!

I’m happy to say they found nothing!  The doctor allowed me to turn slightly to look at the monitor, so now I have gazed at my navel from both sides.

(* The spelling checker is complaining, and suggesting gastropod instead.  I think that would have been far tastier.)

↓ Transcript
A clown's head floating in space, with an octopus wrapped around the peak of his pointed hat; a spotted bow-tie; we can see through the oesophagus, a hand operated meat mincer.

A periscope with an eye on a flexible tube, peering into a maze of transparent tubes, one of which opens up into a sphere containing a whale, a shark, an octopus. A network of vein-like tubes cover the surface.