The very energetic and interesting Dr. Helen Czerski presented “We need to Talk about Physics” at today’s meeting of Oxford Skeptics in the Pub. We learnt why blueberry jam isn’t blue; why the Hubble telescope is like a raw egg; and why there is a lot of physics still to do to understand everyday phenomena (such as how bubbles move in a turbulent fluid.)

I’m afraid the likeness is worse than usual. Dr. Czerski doesn’t do standing still.

↓ Transcript
graph of time vs size: quantum / cosmos, life in the middle
benedicts' reagent and blueberry jam
slosh damping bubbles -- frequency of slosh depends on size of cup. Walk slower (or faster)
Mexico city eqrthquake: freq(quake) = freq(buildings) Tai Pei 101, pendulum inside resists toppling
Helium powered gas gun -- jelly diamond catcher
toaster: far more interesting* than a distant star -- and it makes toast! (*maxwell's laws, *black body radiation)
"What can you do when you know that?"
body - planet - civilization (life support)
physics ducks
Homework Experiments:
1. raisins in lemonade...
2. watch spilt coffee dry...
3. tap the rim of a tea cup...
4. slide buttered toast off the table...