sorry for posting the wrong resolution version of this comic — it looked terrible in Firefox. Now uploaded the fixed version.

I also forgot to announce today is the 8th Anniversary of Karen and Me. Happy Anniversary to us, and hence the choice of comic. And we’ve just got back from a romantic day walking around Cheddar Gorge. The gorge itself is magnificent. You can park for free if you are prepared to start 10 minutes walk above the Tourist Tat City at the bottom end, and you can walk for free (even “Jacob’s Ladder” is free if you come at it from the top, though it is only a staircase.) We enjoyed walking up the road and then up the bridleway on the right and along the top (good views and picnic spots) and back down again. How we laughed at the poor sods on the open top “tour” bus, who get a ride of about 500m and don’t even get time to enjoy the scenery.

↓ Transcript
1. (darling!) [oh darling!]
2. (take me! NOW!) [uh, 'now' is not all that /convenient/
3. (but I'm talking about LOVE) [yes honey, but _wait_]
4. (sob! Where did all the romance go)
5. [if you could just wait a little ...]
6. --excuse me [until we get off the tube?] --my stop! --is this Marbule Arch? --sorry!