Now you have a chance to get a glimpse some of the intense planning that goes into the production of these apparently simple comics. The strategy team monitor and analyse the entire internet daily, to come to a decision on what category of joke to use in a given issue, and pass their recommendations to the humour team whose job it is to come up with the actual jokes. The strategists subsist in the sub-basement, and have to send all their results up to the light and space of Eagle’s Tower where the humourists give life to comic ideas. It’s quite a lot of stairs, and there are many categories for the results, so we employ a team of runners to deliver them. Today, rather make a comic, I decided to show you what these reports look like. It’s very simple to just trip up a random runner on his climb and catch his sealed missive as he falls down into the spiral — I hastily add that we have a heap of straw at the bottom to prevent too many injuries as this is a common sport amongst bored humourists. Anyway, it probably turned out for the best as a quick check around the humour team indicates that none of us has a clue how to make a graph funny.

↓ Transcript
1. propensity for graph jokes / LEGEND Invisibules / age of comic (number of published issues) / 187 / (projected)