Warning to you all: this comic is based on fact…

↓ Transcript
1. [2am] Itchy snores: zzzzzz
2. [suddenly...] bz! bzzz! bz! bz! bz! bzz!
3. Toothbrush: bz bzzz bz
Itchy thinks: {hmm?}
4. [Later...]
Itchy: but what can it mean?
5. Knee: it's my belief that your electric toothbrush has become SENTIENT!
6. Knee: I think it's trying to tell us something.
Toothbrush: bzzz bz bzz bzz bzzz bzzz bzzzz bz bzzz bz bz bz bzzz bz
7: Itchy: What on Earth could it be saying?
Knee: Leave it to me.
8: Knee reading "MORSE CODE for Cartoon Characters" (also read "SEMAPHORE for Leprechauns"
9: Toothbrush: bzzz bz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bz bz bzzz
Knee writing on notepad. Says: GOT IT!
10: Notepad says in morse and text: YOUR BREATH SME??