Happy “whatever” to you, dear readers.

Today’s comic was inspired by our visit to our local RSPB bird reserve at Otmoor, yesterday, where we saw and heard an astonishing murmuration of starlings (estimated at around 50,000) swirling around above us and finally coming down to roost in the reeds.  My point-and-click photo doesn’t begin to do it justice, and of course there’s the sound of the wings and the calls too! If you get a chance, enjoy this sight while you possibly can — starlings are on the critical list and in serious decline.

20141225_murmuration(click for the whole picture)


UPDATE: Karen put up a video of this on her blog.


↓ Transcript
starlings at home:
"I don't feel like going out again this evening. How about we stay in and have a nice, cosy murmuration here - just the two of us?"