Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that.

Anyway, turns out that taking pity on the cute* likkle wood mouses and letting them use our house during the cold spell was not without consequence. After finding mouse droppings on the breakfast table even Karen was convinced that murine check-out time had now arrived. We baited the (humane!) trap with peanut butter, which the little dears love so much that even once the trap door is opened to freedom they’d still rather have just one more little nibble before they go.

Six so far, and counting.

UPDATE: We took about 14 mice away, or possibly two mice seven times each (on average.) Then Karen took two of them a lot further away and now we have no mice at all. The house is quiet and sad again — we miss them. (But not their poo.)

*oh! But they are SO cute!

↓ Transcript
Wood mouse sitting at a table prepares to eat bread and peanut butter, oblivious to the primed mouse-trap around the peanut butter jar.