I don’t have a comic to post at the moment, so instead here is yesterday’s page from my sketchbook, I realise that’s not quite the same thing.  We wandered around the V&A without a plan, and somehow the page filled with drawings of things that caught my attention.  Later we went to a concert South of the River, out beyond Peckham, with friends.

↓ Transcript
vase with lotus and fish design, 1750-1850 Qing dynasty.
Teapot 1989, Gerald Gulotta and Bao Li'an
Owl-shaped wine vessel, 1250-1050BC, Shang dynasty. Bronze.
Korea: Bottle with willow design 1100-1300 Koryo- dynasty
"Bartmann" pitcher with medallions and a crucifixion scene. 1575. (Workshop of?) Jans Emens Mennicken
Two earthenware pots ~1880. Linthorpe Art Pottery, designed by Christopher Dresser
Knitted green hat. Provenance unknown. ~late 20th century?