We were listening to a local rock band playing covers, and I was drawing this comic.

A little girl appeared and asked if she was “allowed” some paper and “allowed” to use the coloured pencils. She’ll be a dress designer one day, she confidently informed us.

I drew her drawing as she drew, mostly from memory as she wouldn’t look up until she’d finished (you can also see my thumbnails for Itchy and Knee’s comic on the same page.)┬áThen her brother appeared and wanted a portrait too. He pulled a face, so I drew it that way.

Libby-Sue's latest dress design

Libby-Sue’s latest dress design

Libby Sue by Invisibules

JJ by Invisibules

↓ Transcript
Itchy & Knee in Ringers
1. I & K come across an object in a field
2. K: what is it?
3. I: It's a cow bell!
4. To K's surprise, I rings the bell wildly
6. (A cow appears, with jacket and holding a towel) : You rang?