Yesterday I took the day off work and we went to London Zoo for a fabulous day of animal treats.  Among the treats not pictured were the aye-aye (too dark to see it for long, but it came right up to the glass;) and the baby two-toed sloth, Edward, who is not on public view but we happened to coincide with him as he was being taken home for the evening by his surrogate (human) mother, and stopped for a chat.  The baby emperor tamarin twins were very interested in my sketch-book, and had a go at climbing all over it, and trying to see if there was food hidden between the pages.   The brown titi monkey was then inspired to do the same.

↓ Transcript
making lunch, and travelling on the X90 coach to London.
Western gorilla, 2 weeks old;
komodo dragon;
long horned cow fish;
ring-tailed lemur;
southern tamandua (tree anteater);
2 baby emperor tamarin twins, in my sketchbook;
red titi monkey (also in sketchbook);
dinner at Rajdoot;
back to Oxford on the X90 coach..