Hello, I just listened to a podcast about web comics, and felt all nostalgic for Invisibulia. So I made this one from some scrawlings I found in my notebook.

UPDATE: I can’t see the image — something’s up with wordpress. whoops. working on it now… –A

UPDATE UPDATE: I think it’s all working now.

↓ Transcript
1. [hi, how's things?] (I'm worrying about my genes)
2. [how so? you suspect your parentage?] (no, it's not that...)
3. (...apparently I share over 60% of my genes with a banana)
4. [that's not so bad -- it shows all life in Invisibulia is related at a fundamental level]
5. (no, but I share 60% of _my_genes_ with a _banana_!
6. (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)