Good weekend for comic-related activities. I attended the inaugural meeting of the Oxford (sequential art not stand-up) Comic Creators Society, yet to be officially named. The proctors and high officials paraded us from our swearing-in ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre to our meeting place at the Far from the Madding Crowd pub, according to the regulations decreed by Henry VIII. Thanks to Luke Surl and Amy Letts for organising it.

And today I went to a lecture on Manga Monsters by Paul Gravett at the Ashmolean, where they have a temporary exhibition of 19th century Japanese comics. Both the talk and the exhibition were amazingly interesting.

↓ Transcript
1. (hi!) [hello!]
2. (notice anything different about me?) [no]
3. (come on, you're not even trying)
4. [um ... you've grown an extra head?]
5. (oh really!)
6. ((how did you guess?))