This is the final part of the chilling, spilling, thrill-packed story that all started here.

The final panel notwithstanding, Avocado Man has no plans for revenge at the moment; but who knows? Next time the dip runs out at your party, HE MIGHT WELL RETURN (if he’s not busy meddling with someone’s taramasalata elsewhere.)

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2012-11-04 Avocado Man 5/5, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
↓ Transcript
1. (Jocasta: Sorry Avocado Man - Nigel used the last LIME in the mojitos)

2. (J: would LEMON do?)

3. AM: NO!

4. Lemon: I'm coming for you - Avocado Man!

5. (AM: Mummy!)

6. How will Avocado Man get revenge? Don't miss the next lightly chilled episode!