May I take this opportunity to wish to all my readers, non-readers, search-engine-robots and those-who-are-too-young-to-ask-questions (those especially), a very happy and healthy arbitrary-annual-date-roll-over-moment; and best wishes for the period-until-the-next-one.  In particular, those who celebrate a quarter to four o’clock in the afternoon* of thirds of Januaries – joy to you… about… NOW!

I’m sure that Itchy and Knee would wish for the same, if they would only stop squabbling for a little bit.


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2015-01-03 Itchy and Knee in Stir Fry Crazy, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
↓ Transcript
Itchy: No, No! Knee, this stir fry is terrible. You've no idea -- let me tell you how to make one properly.
Knee: So, Itchy, you're the expert? Well you can certainly talk the talk!
Knee: But let's see you Wok the Wok...