Today Itchy and Knee examine the problems of masculine identity in the modern world, with special emphasis on the practical aspects with respect to the consumer society and the ready-made garment industry. Not to mention some easy irony.

↓ Transcript
1. Real Men(TM) don't buy "Easy-Iron" shirts
(Itchy effortlessly irons a shirt using just one finger whilst watching TV. Big red cross)
2. - Preferring instead the kudos of "Hard-to-iron" wear.
(Knee is kneeling in the wreckage of the ironing board, his head bleeding. He tries to protect himself his hands as an animated shirt flings the iron at his head. Big green tick)
3. - or the extreme glory of the "downright un-ironable"
(Itchy proudly displays his extremely crinkled attire. Big green tick and yellow star!)
4 And don't get me started on "Easy Repayments"
(Knee is gripped by the throat and held off the ground, in the giant maw of a thug about to wallop him with a cosh. The thug's sleeveless vest says "EASY IRON")