Itchy gets a starring role today (Knee was nowhere to be found when I wanted to sketch him.) My mother-in-law gave me this word to keep. Thanks Barbara 🙂

Oh, and here’s the small beaded rhinoceros we bought on a street corner, directly from the artist, in Johannesburg.  It seems to be settling in well to the late summer in England:


↓ Transcript
Itchy, sitting in a chair, thinks: "perseverate"
Itchy, making a late-night snack, thinks: "per sev er ate, pers ev erate"
Itchy, in the shower, thinks: "perse verate"
Itchy, clutching his head, thinks: "perseverate, perse verate! per SEV er ATE!"
Itchy, lying face down, kicking the ground in frustration, thinks: "perse eve rate, perseverate"
says: "why cant I get that word out of my head?!"